| FTBL Bryant-Denny Upgrades May Keep Students In


So this new concourse up top for students to move around a little and not be so confined very well could help. I know when I was a student, if you tailgated, your ass was up in the stratosphere, and it was way up there, so eliminating some of those seats and allowing for a more stable walking area with space would be pretty awesome. My wife has an inner ear disorder that causes her to lose her balance and throws her equilibrium off, so she would freak out when we sat up that high and eventually walked all the way down to the cheerleader area at the bottom instead of staying up top, so I know she will like this idea. I actually like the idea better than a mega jumbo tron.

I guess cheaper in long run then better teams on the schedule...or UABs or USAs...
For to many its a social event rather then a competitive sporting event
The newness of the "social hall" will wear off the students will head out to their tailgate for food n suds...
Why worry about people leaving early. Who cares( other than nick n some administrative types) its already 54-0 by time the cheerleaders do their acrobatics.....
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