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As much as it might have been hoped that Tyrone Prothro might eventually return to the Alabama football field, it was announced Thursday on the eve of the beginning of Crimson Tide fall camp that Prothro is among four players whose careers have been ended by injury.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban said that wide receivers Tyrone Prothro, Aaron McDaniel, and Jake Jones and defensive tackle Byron Walton will not be playing football. He said it was the decision of the medical staff, which determined that long-term prognoses for the men playing football is that it is a remote possibility. He did not completely close the door on the return, saying there is an appeal process if circumstances change, but the reality is that the four will not play again.

Prothro was having an All-America career when he suffered a horrendous leg fracture late in a 31-3 win over Florida in 2005. This is his fifth year at Alabama. The Heflin native is best known for his spectacular reception near the end of the first half against Southern Miss in 2005. He caught the ball over the back of the defender, leading to a touchdown that closed the Golden Eagles’ lead to 21-17 as Bama rallied for a 30-17 win.

That play was chosen in a national poll as the ESPN Pontiac Game-Changing Play of the Year.

McDaniel, a high school quarterback at Fort Payne, came to Alabama with the possibility of playing either wide receiver or defensive back. He was redshirted in 2005, saw limited duty last fall, then suffered what proved to be a career-ending knee injury in practice prior to the Arkansas game last year.

Jones, the son of former Crimson Tide wide receiver star Joey Jones who played for his father at Mountain Brook, was unable to participate late in his redshirt freshman season last year. He was unable to go through off-season work or spring practice because of a leg injury.

Walton, a sophomore from Trinity West Morgan, was redshirted in 2005 and had only limited playing time last fall and in the spring. Saban was reluctant to try to explain Walton’s problem, but made it clear that it was heat-related, had been on-going, and that it could have serious repurcussions.

Players placed on medical scholarship do not count against the overall limit of 85. Under ordinary circumstances such players can never return to the football team and cannot have any football related activity (such as student coach). They can continue to have rehabilitation work in the athletics department and receive academic assistance.

Also on the injury front, it was revealed that freshman Nick Gentry, a 6-1, 263-pound defensive lineman from Prattville, will not work with the team in fall camp because he is rehabilitating from shoulder surgery. Saban said it was a high school injury that Alabama’s medical staff recommended be repaired. Gentry has been in Tuscaloosa this summer and will be in school, but will not be part of the 105 participating in early fall camp. He will continue in rehabilitation and Saban said it is not a season-ending injury.

just posted by University of Alabama myspace. sad, sad news. Pro was a great player no doubt. i guess we'll never know what if....
As hard as it is to say, I don't think he will.
I feel for him. I hope and pray he proves me wrong.
It would be a pleasent surprise. I certainly wish him luck.
Well, let's just wish the best to each of these guys. At the very least, they should be able to finish their college education without the worry of losing their scholorships. Good luck to them all.
Such a travesty could have gone down as one of if not the best playmaker in Alabama History. Hope and wish all the best to Pro and someday maybe he can join the Tide as a coach or something.
bpcolburn said:
Not trying to be a debbie downer here but Saban says Prothro anad several others aren't participating in the 2007-2008 season. It's on the official University website. Which is more legit than anything on myspace. Here's hoping though.


next to last paragraph.

It may be more "legit than anything on Myspace", but all I'm saying is I'm going by what he has told me personally. I'll support him till he says otherwise.
I was sorry to hear it also

I had always held out a little hope he could come back in some capacity and play. Very sad indeed , he was one loved and respected player.
The truly great ones will always have a special place in our hearts. As a result, they have achieved more than anyone expected. When a career injury occurs and remember it can happen to anyone in a blink of the eye. To perform at their level on the field and deliver is a GOD given gift that is not available to everyone. I truly hope that these student athletes finish their education and take what athleticism they possess to consider assisting the next generation with the work ethic, discipline, and perseverence they have shown throughout their careers.
I'm friends with prothro on facebook and his status at the moment says "Tyrone Prothro is wishing he could get out there right now! but its ok ill be back!" now that kind of sparked my eye last night but i didnt think much of it. then today quintin prothro, i'm guessing his brother or something wrote on his wall saying, "When u come back next year, play DB! Its pretty easy! Just turn around and knock the ball down"

so possibly him and his family are expecting him to be back next year? sure hope so.

heres a link to his facebook: http://ua.facebook.com/profile.php?id=27434414
Pro is a true fighter. My heart goes out to him. If theres a way, he will be back out on the field no doubt. I dont know the specifics on his medical situation, but I know he'll do anything he has to in order to get on the field and play.

Roll Tide Pro! You are the definition of an Alabama Crimson Tide Football Player!
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