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Not to assume that it is either 1 game or two, technically the required minimum of (10% (1.2 games in this case) could be satisfied by setting out the first quarter of the LSU game. Setting out the entire game is overkill. I see no reason to have to round to the nearest whole game.
It Takes Eleven said:
BamaFan425 said:
Bama players might return vs. LSU

Sounds interesting. Hopefully the full word will come out soon. Anyways, it was a good read on the possible result of the infractions.

It'd be good news if they only had to serve one game suspensions. The tone of the article suggests there are others involved.

I doubt there are other football players involved. It would have been the first thing the investigation centered on was the football program.

From what I understand, it isn't a money thing either. It's a situation where they were getting books for friends of theirs. Still inappropriate.
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