| FTBL Attention visiting LSU fans



We've noticed an influx of LSU posters come by already, and we've still got almost 2 weeks until the game. While we welcome you to our forum we do hope that you will not be offensive guests while spending your time here. Our site is not a smack board or a platform to launch attacks on others. It is a place where people can come together (regardless of team affiliation) to hang out and have meaningful discussion, while enjoying each other's company. Now, if visiting fans would like to engage in serious discussion on the forums while showing mutual respect then we certainly welcome you to our site. If on the other hand, visiting fans intend to come onto this site to stir the pot, fan the flames, or just generally make a nuisance of themselves, they will be subject to the site's strict 3-strike policy regarding rival fans.

The staff here feels compelled to post this so that there are no illusions or misunderstandings regarding this site's policies, procedures, or expectations regarding rivals on our site.
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