| FTBL ap voters and how they voted this week(link)

Wow. I had the time so I checked how everyone voted, and I might have to change my mind about Southern Californians and Golden Domers. The San Jose guy ranked us at 6 while the guy from South Bend IN ranked us at 8. Apparently the schlub from Wisconsin fell asleep before our game ended because he has Arky at 21, but we're not ranked :roll:
AlabamaMan said:
Yeah, I saw the dude that had us at 6. Not that we deserve to be there.

Actually, I wouldn't be so sure. Texas is number 6 right now and they almost got beat by Central Florida and played relatively poorly in their other games. Ohio State and Wisconson have survived scares by mid major teams. Rutgers hasn't played anyone this season better than Hoover High school. And for all we know, Cal will pull the same trick it does almost every year, earn a high ranking only to lose to some lower tier PAC-10 team.
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