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It Takes Eleven said:
$25,000 bucks for a premium parking spot? No chance.

If I'm investing 25K in tailgating, at some point during "FOREVER" I would hope that it would allow me the chance to enjoy "Party Like a Rock Star" level tailgating, not simply a reserved regular sized parking spot for my pick up.

Besides, who are my neighbors? You could end up with bad neighbors, out 25K, and stuck with them.

Who's the Sheriff? Who is making and changing the rules? If there is some rule change (or lack of needed change to a rule) which I can't live with, what then?

What about facilities management? If the toilet backs up on a game day, are they having a plumber fight his way into the heart of gameday to fiz it? Or if a twister drops one of those 100 year old trees on the that clogged toilet? Who is paying for all that?

"Forever" is a long time. What about taxes forty years from now?

What development will be going on around it? Being so close to BDS, can we rule out the the UA won't make a play of it? Who manages that?
I don't know that it's such a bad deal (if you have plenty of money), but I'd have to have more info. Their website is pretty vague. I'd have to see exact property, plans in writing, etc... UGA did something similar a few years back for 10 grand. 25 sounds pretty steep.
My question would be what goes on for the other 358 days of the year at that lot?

Im sure that it works out, look at Clemason and USC. If you contact the company, they can tell you all the details.

Split it with another party, someone you tailgate with already, and that way you save the money.

Someone was wondering if the University would come and buy it out. Correct me if I am wrong, but 13th street if is not ajacent to campus. Why would the school buy a grass lot located close to houses that people park on? And if they did, you probably get out of there with a profit.
I would guess, as part of an LLC, your position is subservient to a majority owner who could sell at a later date and pay you off. You may just be funding a portion of someone's carry on a piece of RE held for future development.


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