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Some of you may have heard this already on Finebaum. Typical. He has Luginbill on only to be followed by the CEO of Rivals and you know what ensues from there. :lol: Ol Finebaum is a master at his craft I'll say that.

Anyway, here's the link if you want to listen. Lugenbill is on hour 1. Then go to hour 3 with Terry.

Recruiting War
Luginbill is an idiot!! I know it shouldn't have taken me this logn to realize this, but my gosh.

Everybody else has an agenda, but not the mighty ESPN? All the other services gave Bama the number 1 class because they wanted to make us the fans happy??

And then the comment he made about ESPN making that $150 mil deal with the ACC. I think ESPN is pissed at Saban becuase they think he "lied" to the media.

Your right Chop, he is very good at what he does.
I really dislike him alot,but I admire his ability to grab the trash and turn it into cash in his pocket. He's able to turn junk into ratings which equals his job. Pretty smart for an a$$h0le.
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