| FTBL A TCU win means Alabama would finish #1 in the Sagarin ratings—a "major selector" as recognized by the NCAA.


This is too damn funny.

We all remember the '17 season and the national title claims with UCF. There point was based on one of the recognized "major selectors" had the Knights at #1.

For context, here is the list of recognized "major selectors."

A&HAnderson & Hestera1997–present
ASAlderson System1994–1998
B(QPRS)Berryman (QPRS)1920–1989, 1990–2011
BRBillingsley Reportb1869–1870, 1872–1969, 1970–present
BSBoand System1919–1929, 1930–1960
CCRCongrove Computer Rankings1993–present
CMColley Matrix1992–present
CWCaspar Whitney1905–1907
DeSDeVold System1939–1944, 1945–2006
DiSDickinson System1924–1925, 1926–1940
DuSDunkel System1929–present
ERSEck Ratings System1987–2005
HSHoulgate System1885–1926, 1927–1958[16]
LLitkenhous1934–1972, 1974, 1978, 1981–1984
MCFRMassey College Football Ratings1995–present
MGRMatthews Grid Ratings1966–1972, 1974–2006
NYTThe New York Times1979–2004
PSPoling System1924–1934, 1935–1955, 1957–1984
R(FACT)Rothman (FACT)1968–c.1970,[17] c.1971–2006
SRSagarin Ratings1919–1977, 1978–present
WSWilliamson System1931, 1932–1963

Currently, the Tide's ranking with Sagarin Ratings is #2, behind UGA but ever so slightly. A TCU win would put Alabama #1—another title they could claim. That number has to be close to 30 by now.

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I am with you. I do think it points out what most know, no one would want to face Bama in the playoffs just in case they brought their A game. Lots of regrets for this season...
Reinforces what Gene Stallings always said. “You play the entire game & it’s decided by 3-4 plays. Problem is that you don’t know which 3 or 4 that will be” - You better bring it every play!
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