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During a fourteen year span from 1987 to 2000 the Florida State Seminoles won two National Championships in college football. They were named a Dynasty by the NCAA and posted an AP Top 5 finish every year for `14 straight years and five in the top 3. This is an NCAA record. They were 152-18-1 during this span. This is a record that will most likely never be broken.

From 1993 to 2001 the Seminoles played in five national championships claiming two. They were the most successful college team in the 90's posting an 89 per cent winning percentage.

FSU was the first team in collegiate history to go wire to wire undefeated and claim the national championship. It holds the record of eleven bowl victories in a row against top ten competition, a record that has never ever been equalled, ever and will most likely never be broken.

FSU has fifteen conference championships and produced 2 Heisman winners including Charlie Ward whom Steve Spurrier called the most dangerous quarterback he had ever faced. Charlie Ward is the most decorated player in collegiate history and the winner of the Walter Camp Award, Sporting News collegiate player of the year award, Troy Smith Award, Sullivan Award and a member of the College Football hall of fame and was inducted into it along with Bobby Bowden the most winning coach in collegiate football history.

Charlie Ward set seven single season Florida State records and seven FSU career records.

The Florida State opening game ceremony remains one of the most dynamic in collegiate sports as a rider dressed in authentic Seminole attire throws the flaming spear in front of the opponents bench while riding an Apaloosa stallion known as Renegade.

Deep down Carib's heart flutters when he sees that flaming spear. He wants to be a Seminole. Men are always driven to destroy what they cannot live up to.

FSU's history is almost equivilent to Alabama.
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