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This has been on my mind for about 2-3 months now. It's nothing major...but I would LOVE to find it!!

Since this board has a wide age bracket and MANY members, I thought I'd ask everyone!

Before Lincoln Financial and Jefferson Pilot, the 11:30 SEC game was on TBS with Bob Neal and Tom Foley. I wanna say from 1986-'91, until JP took over in '92.

The INTRO to each telecast was AMAZING! I'm 26, and as a child I thought it was so cool...and still do. To refresh your memory, it had all the SEC mascots on the field playing a game. I remember the elephant would stick out his tusks and at the end the Vandy Commodore would fire the cannon and the smoke would clear and show the stadium and graphics for the 11:30 game before Bob Neal would come in.

I would LOVE to find the video of that intro. I just can't seem to find it. Things have changed over the years, but that intro has stuck with me 20 years!!!

It's a nice "memory lane" piece for me!!! I can even hear the theme music that played over it! It's just one of those things that's stuck with me.


Thanks man. I really appreciate it!

I've tried YouTube since June, and can't find it. Granted I don't sit at the computer all day...I have looked ALOT. If it's on YouTube it's buried under some random "tag line" and not the obvious.

TBS SEC Intro, 80s SEC Intro...etc., don't seem to work.


BigDaddy, man there is something I've always tried to find. It's the long distance commercial with Bear saying "Have you called your momma...I wish I could"(something to that effect).

I even contacted Bellsouth/ATT to see if anyone knew where I could find it. If you have a copy or know where one is, I would pay for it. I guess it was around 1979-1981. Don't go out of your way or anything.
This may help and again maybe not. I email the Bryant Museum about this. Unless you got BIG BUCKS I think memoirs is all we going to have. Told me their have the Bell one the one you are looking for. But it still belong to Ma Bell. And maybe some Cokes one too also belong to coke. But if you want to go look at these call this man and make appointment to go see them.

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I'm still trying to get the SEC game on TBS too.
I have a friend that says he has all of these things requested in this thread . I'm trying to get them from him . He said he would have to find all of this but he does have it.

Thanks again for all the help in respect to the 80s TBS theme.

I hope your friend can find it. I would be very happy to have it.

The last time I saw it on TV was about 8 years ago. It was back on the original SportsSouth during the show "College Flashback: Alabama at Kentucky 1988".

This was the "flash" show that showed the game from start to finish as it was originally called. I know they have a show now that cuts alot of stuff and has that stupid trivia at the bottom. Not sure if y'all have seen that.

The original "flash" show was all the old TBS/early JP games. That was the last time I saw the intro in question.

Thanks again!

Just wanted to respectfully "bump" this topic back to the first page. We really know how to fill up a board, so things get bumped off pretty fast.

Just wanted to send this back up and keep it fresh.


He has found the TBS intro but not the At&t Commercial yet . I hope to maybe get these soon . I will keep everyone posted .

On the new bama commercials . I love the Tiffin motorhomes commercial that plays during the Saban Show .
The one were Aubie is in the GTO and Big Al in the motor home . Then you see Aubie speed away , then Big Al passes him in the motor home while he getting a speeding ticket by a cop with a Bama Pen :) Good stuff !!!

This is kinda off topic, but isn't the owner of Yellow Wood on the Auburn board of trustees? If so, why has he bought so much commercial time on Alabama related networks such as PPV and the Nick Saban show???
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