| TV/MOVIES/MUSIC 41 Years Ago Yesterday

I don’t know which one was the first movie I have seen but the first one I saw in the theater was The Voyage Home. Eventually I was able to see the anniversary showing of The Motion Picture and Wrath of Khan a few years ago. Haven’t seen or heard anything about an anniversary showing for Search for Spock yet though.
Not a big Star Trek fan, didn't even watch the TV show. But I did watch the Star Trek The Motion Picture. Only because that's what was playing at the post theater at Pioneer Kaserne Hanau, Germany.
The day you and I have dinner is the day I only order Mac and Cheese.

Yes, you're the weird one.

I would love to have dinner with you some day but I am going to warn you ahead of time, if you order mac and cheese, there is a real good chance I will get sick. The smell of it makes me physically sick, no idea why.
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