| FTBL 145.45 Passing Efficiency Rating

I heard that. His reads were great. He checked off very nicely. There were times -- even on a few incompletions -- that JPW manned up and went downfield instead of taking last season's approach and swinging out to tailbacks. He just needs to be a Jay Barker out there and not hurt us and play smart.

Roll Tide!
I am not sure I calculated that right. I didn't count his rushing touchdown and I am not sure if you are supposed to.

Someone smarter than me can maybe comment on that.

If you are supposed to factor in a rushing TD for a QB, he would have a "passing" efficiency rating of 156.45
he looked good and so confident. the O line was stud.
i liked his decission making much more than last seasons , hell no pick says it all. he seemed calm out there knowing he had time to throw.
JP and both lines performance almost brings tears to the eyes. That's the best way I can put it, lets keep it up this season...consistancy will be the key.
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