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Your 300 lb D-linemen are usually used mainly to stuff the running game. You need big guys out there to fill holes and engage the offensive linemen so that your linebackers and safeties can come up and make plays against the running backs. On third down you are usually only concerned about your defensive linemen getting pressure on the quarterback. You usually want smaller, more athletic, faster guys who can avoid blockers and pursue the QB. That’s why Washington would come out on third and long (I’d guess he stayed in on third and short). This is the same way the Baltimore Ravens used Tony Saragoosa back when they won their Super Bowl and it’s how they use Kelly Gregg now.

One final X’s and O’s note on this, this is why the draw play is so effective. On a third and seven or eight, if a defense has put in their pass rushing defensive linemen and drop the LBs into coverage, a quick running play up the middle can be very successful.
Shuffling out on Third and Long, I would agree with RollTideRandy. Is this saying he was shuffled out on third and long, or every third down? My guess that he did get pulled on third and long. I would also think Coach Saban has a Third and long "package" as well as his third and short, on defense. It probably comes down to what the coaches are comfortable with and what they have practiced since Motley's injury. Just a wild guess though Ms. Delta.
So it’s basically an issue of playing the odds (pass vs. rush) and defending said odds (size vs. speed.) It’s really logical now that I think about it.

On third and long the tendency is to pass (higher risk but greater gain). Pulling the bigger linemen (size) and sending in the smaller, faster players (speed) to try getting through to the QB to make him hurry or miss the intended receiver.

The D needs the BIG guys in there in the earlier phase of a series when the probability of a rush is higher.

If the smaller, faster QB pressuring players are successful, the big guys on D are able to gain an extra down with being pulled on 3rd and long plus the next series by their offense and this downtime can be used to refuel for their next defensive series.

Or am I getting this right?? ;scr
Tideboy said:
HeflinLady said:
Or am I getting this right?? ;scr

You're getting it right. Good to see you Hef.


Yea ME!! Glad to be back. My computer was hosed for a while, work was/is hectic, some family health issues with my mom and sister, and the list goes on. Spent a lot of summer lingering and reading. Thanks for all the warm welcomes!

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