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Tomorrow night everyone who has a team. Aug. 11th at 9:00 pm CST. It is my birthday tomorrow so no one pick Tomlinson and let him fall to me as a birthday present. :lol: See everyone there.
BamaHeat said:
I hope it's pretty strait forward. I missed it last year and have no clue.

you shouldn't have a problem, it's on yahoo and they have the most user-friendly set-up I have come across compared to ESPN, NFL, CBS, etc..
Easy stuff Heat. Pretty much like stepping into a chat room and you just select a player you want from a list. To help you, you have a que box in which you can put multiple players into. When you decide on the one you want you simply hit "DRAFT PLAYER" and you're done for that round.

Easy stuff man. Hollar if you have a question though.
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