| FTBL Word is starting to leak out that David Hart: Assoc. AD


I started hearing this rumor over the weekend but didn't think much of it...but, after talking with a guy a few minutes ago it seems this one has some legs.

The Ath. Dept. that so many have questioned is changing before our very eyes.
BamaCore said:
Excuse my ignorance on the matter. May I ask who David Hart is? Not trying to derail the topic or anything, I promise. :)

Check the link. :wink: Former FSU AD, Bama Basketball player.
TerryP said:
It dawns on me, the fire CMG crowd should love this hire considering his basketball background at UA.

I think CMG was already on a short leash, and I think about 12 inches was just cut off of it.
TigerBait3 said:
TerryP said:
It dawns on me, the fire CMG crowd should love this hire considering his basketball background at UA.
Good, once Bryce is purchased by the University they can build the new arena there and tear down the airplane hanger. :D

LMAO!!! One of the best, and scariest, moments at a Bama game!!!

Chuck-E-Cheeze said:
TerryP, is he on the Jeremy Foley level?
Not even in the same hemisphere. Barely on the same planet. (Of course, I am biased about Foley.)

This is NOT a positive hire for our athletic department. I am just appalled at the number of pathetic hires Mal Moore has made for staff.

But, hey, Hart is a former athlete at UA and his playing days coincided with Coach Bryant still being in charge, so he is qualified according to Moore's criteria.

This is just pathetic.
Alagator, you'd have to suspect that this is a Saban inspired hiring. At least I do. I think part of Saban agreeing to coach @ UA was that he would make these calls. I don't thing Mal can outrank Saban on these issues anymore. If Saban likes this guy, I do too!
Did the tone of this thread change with page change?

Which is fellers? Is it a good hire or a bad hire?

Should I freeze or should I get on the floor? If I freeze, I can't get on the floor, and if I get on the floor, I'll be in motion...


alagator, I usually pretty much agree with you on these types of issues. On this one I don't. I like this hire. Where as I don't believe having Alabama ties should be a requirment to be part of the AD, I don't think it should be held against them either. From most accounts, Hart did a good job at FSU.

Then again, with the ties you have to UF, I can understand why you wouldn't like him. :wink:
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