| FTBL Who is this punk who is reporting all this crap?!



Who is this kid from the Hoover-Gazzete (now fired btw) that is running his mouth so much? He is saying that the Auburn and UA grade scandals are tied togethor in some way and that Steele is forcing grade changes.
I didn't get to listen last few shows but it sounds good!

Gazette sports writer canned on Finebaum show
Hoover Gazette General Manager John Junkin fired one of the paper’s popular sports writers today — live on the Paul Finebaum Show. The writer, Hunter Ford, had been a guest on the show, on which he insinuated that Hoover High School football coach Rush Probst had been having an affair. Junkin told Finebaum that Ford could not substantiate the rumor and that he had been told not to talk about it unless he could prove the allegations.
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