| LIFE What do you do if you win the $1 billion Powerball?

First off I'd set up a trust that then takes control of the winnings/ticket that is controlled by me and my Lawyer

Then I'd begin a multi-faceted investment strategy:

$150 million dollars targeting Real Estate Investments, Commercial Real Estate, Land, Livestock and Farms. Should Yield roughly - $8-12m per year - Use this to replenish the higher-risk account and Withdraw

$50 million -Stock Market dividend stocks. Roughly targeting low risk ventures that pay off. - Roughly $8-10 million in Dividends per year payout - Re-invest everything but $1 million and use that for expenditures for the year. Scary enough if I re-invested $8million back per year in 50 years I'd be looking at over $2 billion dollars in this particular column. Which would be generating an annual payout of over $40 million dollars.
Assuming I don't have 50-60 grandchildren then I'd be able to pay them $1m per year just from these alone for the rest of their lives.

$25 million into a higher risk account for stocks/investments/whatever - Replenished by other investments any overages are added to safer investments.

These would all be controlled by a trust fund that I could add beneficiaries to and allow family, children, or friends to draw money from or pull from for investments into a business or their lives. With all the real-estate and low risk stocks I could use the dividends to live-off of for the rest of my life. Also with the real estate money I'd use it to re-invest or replenish accounts as needed, thus creating a behemoth trust fund that just continues to grow.

Last $50 Million
$3.5 million on purchasing personal homes.
Mortgage payoff of what's left on my house
Buy Vacation Homes:
St Augustine Florida - $1 million for a decent beach house
Semi-Isolated Cabin Around the Rockies in Colorado - $1 million
Apartment or Home in Tuscaloosa - $1 million

$6 million -
Charity/Non-profit venture - TBD

Private Gulfstream Jet - $10 million-$15 million

Uncle owns hangars in Birmingham so would just park it in one of those.

Friends and Family Immediate Relief - $19 million

For Passing out to friends and family so they can get immediate relief

$2m per personal lifetime friend x 4
$3m to my Sister and my Wife's Sister = $6m
$3m to my wife's folks
$2m to my folks

$100k spending spree on computers, clothes, games, fun stuff

Leaves me Roughly $6 Million left

Savings: $5 million
Bank Account: $1 million (Withdrawing from Dividends or Real Estate every year to replenish)
You left out your favorite webmaster...
You left out your favorite webmaster...
Well to be fair I did that with $300m and apparently after taxes and the additional money the person ended up with $380 million so I had $80 million more to work with.

80$ million:

RTB - Suite and or Season Ticket Section -$25-30m
RTB Trust Fund $50m - Dividend stocks - Roughly $2m per year early on with $1.5m being re-invested each year would leave $500k for a balance the first year which I would cash infuse another $1-2 million for the first two years until the dividends start being able to afford the entire balance.

RTB Tailgates
RTB Meetups
RTB Suite/Seasonal Ticket Fees
RTB Nil fund
RTB Charity Foundation

Chaired by a Committee of 3 - Appointed originally by myself then allowed to pass down leadership as they see fit to new members as necessary.

The initial investment and the portfolio itself will never be touched or withdrawn from, it will continue to accumulate and grow. At any point if the Trustee (Me) or my descendants deem it no-longer beneficial to continue the RTB Nil and other off-shoots. They will be allowed to terminate the portfolio by paying off any remaining balances owed by RTB, pay-up the suite in full for no shorter of a period of 5 more years and then donate the entire proceeds of the portfolio to the University of Alabama as a charitable donation

Will stop greedy kids/grandkids/descendants from trying to just steal the trust fund but will allow them to close it down if it no-longer serves a purpose beyond it's intended beginning.
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