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Sorry it is really pathetic that whenever the UA girls vs ___ girls comes up the only picture we can dig up is of old Sela Ward. Love her to death, and she's a great woman. But come on we have some other babes on campus now. But everyone around the message boards would rather take 40 pictures of Saban, 2 of the Houndstooth twins, and then a pic of the worst looking cheerleader on the squad.

My goal on campus this year is to get better pics for these "battles". I have some at home I will post later.
Wow! I've seen some names on that forum I have not seen in years. Like tristatacoog. I also noticed our very own Simon Bott over there on their forums. For those that don't know Simon he's been running the tape exchange on many of the BAMA sites (including this one) for upwards of 10 years or so now. He's also a professor there at UH.

Actually Mobile, why don't you PM Doemasters. He should have a ton of picks for you since he covers the crimsonettes and the cheerleaders at the BAMA games.
I'll show you some Bama Babe pics! :D



I heard that Simon Bott was a professor (or something) at UH. I read a UH-UA preview written by him earlier this year, and someone said that he teaches there. I have no first-hand knowledge. Anyway, Here's a good Bama babe picture. I think I stole it from somebody on this forum.
LOL! Those two brunettes with the white shirts and scripted a$# on their chest. :lol: My initial thought was of the preacher (played by Arcenio Hall) in Coming to America, "Ummm umm umm! 'Em's good clean wholsome girls there! Lawd lawd!"
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