| FTBL UCF hires Gus Malzahn


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'I keep waiting and even hoping that Gus would totally crash and burn at the Barn (noting against Gus just hate for the barn) but that never really happened. He seemed to escape that losing year that would have seen him fired on the spot (2015 with the hire of Will as his DC might have saved him). The West is a minefield even for the best teams. JMO but Jimbo is one great QB away from being big trouble. I believe Kirby benefits from Sark and Jimbo being in Texas since they will make recruiting the best even more difficult for Nick and staff. You will never out athlete LSU no matter how many hours you work. You don't want to read where LSU has signed a really talented QB from outside their state. Can you feel me on that.

i will always believe the 2 most under accomplishing programs has to be uga and lsu...good HS programs in states they should and usually do own...

just doesn’t happen on a regular basis....
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