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Is it just me or are Burn fans fickle? Ten years ago their coach brought them from the duldrums to a team of national recognition. In return the fans want to throw him under the bus. Is this what it means to be an Auburn fan? He gave them ten good seasons with one losing seasons and they want to fire him? I know that Alabama has a history of firing coaches but these coaches did not have consistent records of winning that the current coach of the barn posesses.
Number1TideFan19 said:
Irrelevent? No...Horrible Alabama Institute of Technology bad

Irrelevent maybe too harsh, they still are good for a laugh...

Truth of the matter, Auburn knows Tubberville can not recruit against Saban and they knew it from the day we hired him. They thought they would get in more ribbing this year with number seven. They also thought we would go 7-6 or 8-5 and they could calculate the cost of our wins. Didn't happen and it ain't going to happen on the current course. They think they can go out an find a big name that can compete with Saban. It ain't going to happen until Saban retires, but they have their hopes and you can't fault them for that. IMO Tommy should be given the opportunity to right the ship based on what he has done for their program (without inserting he did this in amid our probation). If he is smart he will jump the ship soon or agree to a buyout look back and smile as they fire the next coach that can't measure up even his standards.
I just miss the "I Thank God Everyday That Tubby is Our Coach" crap that 80 out of 100 of them posted on their boards every single day last year.
If they ain't there yet there wll on thier way back to beinf about as signifigant in big time college football as a pimple on Terry Bowdens butt. :D
A couple of Aubs i know are all saying they heard he's got an Offer from Tex A&M....but....i doubt it.
Coach Stallings would now for sure but i doubt he'd say anything about it publically.

I've been on the Tubby watch ever since the MSU game. lol 3 to 2. tsk tsk tsk. :roll:
Bama fans refuse to believe that they can be bad.
Auburn fans refuse to believe they can be good.

That is one of the fundamental differences between the two groups. Its just the way we are all raised.
Did anyone see CTT after the UT Martin game? The press conference?

He looked scared. I mean it was almost odd. Like he might have been high or something.

Anyone know anything?
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