To all members... Rules and Regs.

Kirk Van de Graaff

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I want to clarify our rules and regulations on this site.

RTB.Com Mission Statement:

The mission of Roll Tide is to be the first choice for Alabama football fans to find out what’s going on with the University of Alabama athletics program. To support the University of Alabama in all of its endeavors. To foster a fellowship type community of sports fans bound by their respective covenants. To provide the members with the most up to date, concise and accurate information possible emanating out of the University of Alabama athletic program. To succeed in all this while remaining the #1 free Alabama fan site on the Internet.


1. Ad hominem attacks of forum members will not be tolerated. We understand that things get heated, but it helps to maintain a modicum of respect for the membership. Attack ideas, not people. Be open-minded and try to help foster meaningful discussion. Yes, meaningful discussion is possible if everyone respects each other.

2. Things that are absolutely not acceptable in posts include graphic sexuality above the PG-13 level, Racism and all other forms of discrimination intended to demean or otherwise humiliate another member by their particular demographic status or spiritual beliefs. Debating the issue is fine while respecting the other person's right to be different from you.

3. Overtly hostile, threatening with violence or harassing posts will usually get you banned (and we will probably laugh at you too).

4. Gratuitous use of profanity is not allowed. If you would not stand up in front of a group of strangers and SAY what you're about to write, you might want to reconsider it. This includes offensive name-calling such as idiot or the like.

5. Disputed information and/or rumors may be deleted. Posting something that your sister’s, best friend’s, boyfriend said about a player will probably go in the trash. Also, blogs and radio callers are NOT credible sources for information.

6. Do not re-post articles from pay sites. You must include the source of information re-posted from free sites.

7. Spamming will not be tolerated. Spammers are subject to immediate banning without warning. Links to other websites and/or message boards, or advertising of other sites in one's signature are prohibited. If you wish to have a link added to our front page then you must send the request to a board Administrator for approval. We do ask that if we add a link to your site on our front page, you return the favor by adding our URL on your page as well.

8. Player bashing will not be tolerated, period.

9. One user name per person please. While some fun has been had by adding a username or alter ego, we will deal with it in a case to case basis, and have the right to cancel it.

10. Posts may be edited, moved, merged, and/or deleted by the staff without notice. We have a long standing policy of allowing our members to voice their opinions on a variety of issues, so posts will only be edited or deleted if they violate our posting policy. However, if the staff feels that a topic, or post, belongs on another forum based on it's content, it is very likely that the post will be moved to the appropriate forum. Examples: Posts containing jokes, farks, smack talk, and discussion of auburn sports are likely to be moved to the Elephant Stomp if posted on the football board. Also, posts discussing politics and/or religion are likely to be moved to the unmoderated Political Forum if posted elsewhere originally. Additionally, the staff has the ability to merge threads when multiple topics on the same subject are posted, so be aware that if you post something and it appears to have been deleted or moved, it could have just been merged with another topic.

11. No trolling. Trolling will get you banned. Quickly.

12. PM's or Private Messages are just that, Private. All users will respect that and keep Private Messages from appearing on the main forum.

13. The dead horse rule may be invoked by a consensus staff decision predicated on member complaints concerning redundant posts contrary to the mission statement of The offending member will be notified by PM or will have a little image such as this one....

...To appear in the post, which means enough.

I want to make this clear.. Everybody has a right to their opinion, it will not be censored, but remember opposing views also have a right to be seen. So don't get offended if someone dislikes your post and puts their 2 cents in. As long as it doesn't get personal, or break the rules, we will let it go.

Have fun, and remember we all have opinions, mine is always better. :wink: :roll:
Thanks Heat.

Form here on out f yall will, make sure your signatures do not exceed 400 pixels in width. It did this on the other style board but seems to be a issue now since we switched over to this style.

Also remember that if you post a image that is giant it will mess up the width of the screen, which will cause you to have to scroll.

Thank you.
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