| FTBL Tide lets offensive line take over

"I love it," said senior left guard Justin Britt of Cullman. "Come out, knock them off the ball - that's what being an offensive lineman is all about, really. There is no better feeling than that."

I sure hope the OL can keep feeling it this weekend. A few long, time-consuming drives by Bama sure would help to neutralize the McFadden & Jones threat.
After several days of scouting the way Alabama runs the ball, Arkansas coach Houston Nutt has figured out the obvious.

"(Grant is) getting behind especially the left side of that offense line with Smith and those big guys," Nutt said. "They're a big load, they're being physical and they can open up some holes."

With really good running, even if you know its coming and where its going, you can't do a damn thing to stop it.
I think the line will be fine. The big questions come in with: Can JPW have a comeback performance and utalize our weapons in the recieving corps? Can Terry Grant continue his outstand performance against a more experienced, stronger D? And finally, can our D contain McFadden and Jones while preventing big plays in the air? If we can answer at least two of those questions positively at the end of the game we will have won. Roll Tide Roll!
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