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Auburn vs. Miss State - Sept. 15, 2007 - 4 Tickets
Venue: Jordan Hare Stadium
-- -- 1
Free Sep-13 18:59

Alabama ***VS*** Arkansas
Venue: Bryant Denny Stadium
A 55 3
$12.50 Sep-13 17:05

This is from ebay
Compare the the two ticket prices and yall tell me where the cool kids will be hanging out at this weekend. :D
rammajamma said:
Wow, I can't imagine having a home game that was not already sold out by now. :D

You would if you went to MSU. I went and watched them play Auburn and West Virginia last year. The student section is always filled up mostly, but other than that...

Props to their student section too. They are very loyal, even though they know they are terrible. :oops:
It Takes Eleven said:
AlaphaMale said:
Why buy on ebay when there are plenty available directly from the school?

Stadium Expansion Needed Post Haste

Incredible. I have 22 reserved right now, 12 on one row and ten in the row above. Anyone? Anyone?

At game time tomorrow, there will be places in that stadium you could fire a sawed-off shotgun and not hit anyone.

But we're all obsessed, you know. Obsessed.




If you shoot toward the endzone, you won't have to worry about hitting Auburn's offense, either.
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