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I ty to leave a commit on the front page. But it kick me to the message baord.
Randy great read and I know it was tuff for you in Los Vegas. I think this year the Bears will give the Viles a one point loss this year.
bamafan850 said:
He has to be wrong about one. I hope and believe it's the TN/Cal game. I just do not see TN beating them again.

CAL- 35
TN- 12

In a perfect world, UT smashes CAL and the Pac-10 elitist, CAL later smashes USC and all will be right. I never knew how arrogant PAC 10 fans were until this off season with all of their constant bemoaning about how the SEC gets too much undeserved attention and the PAC 10 gets overlooked.
Overall good picks from The Expert. Well, except for the FSU vs Clemson pick. I don't think Clemson has a chance in that one.
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