| FTBL Thanks for the advice!!!


Just wanted to say "Thanks!" to all those on this board who offered me advice about parking, etc, for my family's first Alabama game yesterday. Because of your suggestions, we parked at Central High School on 15th Street, had an easy time getting in and out, avoided McFarland altogether, and had a BLAST (other than almost losing the game in the last 5 seconds)! Even our 3-year-old made it through the day just fine -- and got a Marvin's Building Material's t-shirt thrown to her (thanks to the fan in front of us for his generosity!) during the Tailgate Radio Pre-game show on the Quad to boot.

Thanks for making our first BDS experience one we'll remember for a long time!
Very glad you guys enjoyed it. Boy that was a heart stopper of a game. Right up to the last second.
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