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A quick walk through for one and all. It's a pretty simple game. Can you make it through the entire season, picking only SEC teams, and get them all right?

Make your picks each week on which SEC team you think will win.
You can only use SEC teams, and you can only use one team, one time this season.
One strike and you're out.

ONLY SEC teams. Others choices will be a strike.

Click the following link. In Survivor, you'll need to join the pool, and then manage your picks.



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Here we go. This week we had 27 players: We only had one to miss the right team. We had four that didn't play this week, and we had another one to not pick and SEC team. So now we are at 21 players, so don't forget to pick your winning SEC team for next weekend game.
We had 22 players left in the pickem. This morning we only have half that amount. Thanks you Arkansas for helping thin out this pickem! One pick Ole Siss, and one pick Calif. which isn't in the SEC so by picking lost.
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