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I don't get it. Granted, Shula wasn't the most competent coach. But Shula has often been blamed for Prothro's career-ending injury because he threw to him up 31-6 in the second half. And yesterday, the moron Danielson criticized Nutt for having Snead keep the ball on a bootleg to get a 1st down with about a minute left.

In contrast, Stoops and Meyer have their first string QBs in with 40+ point leads and throwing the ball, yet they are hailed as geniuses.

Someone want to try and explain that to me?
It has to do with this "style points" issue, which IMHO goes counter to everything they (the NCAA) tries to embrace.

Embarrassing opposing teams is very sportsman-like, but to pretend your using a cell phone........now that's a different story.
It's two things.

1 - Timing. The Florida/Bama game was in the middle of the season.
2 - Style Points. Since it was in the middle of the season, we weren't really thinking about 'style points'. Oklahoma is behind, and they know it, running up the score on the #1 team is a way to get back into things quickly.
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