| FTBL Something I stumbled across today. Name the coaches who you think have a winning record over the last three years against top 25 teams. How many?


And whom?

Swinney 14-2
Saban 14-3
Kelly 8-7
Smart 7-7
Gundy 5-5
Helton 6-7
Leach 4-5
Petersen 4-5
Fisher 6-8
Chryst 5-7
Franklin 5-7
Frost 4-6
Malzahn 6-10
Harbaugh 5-9
Mullen 3-8
Shaw 3-8
Dantonio 3-10
Fitzgerald 2-8
Ferentz 2-9
Patterson 2-9
Ah ha! A bit of a sneaky question with three years being tacked in...eliminates one I think several would choose.

I know two, for sure. I thought maybe four until I started thinking about a team to the east of Bama.

My third guess...last name resembles school colors.
but, but, but... I thought we had such a cupcake schedule. Hmmm, who has played the most top 25 teams???

I doubt seriously that 3 of our OOC teams every year will ever be a top 25 team. I would think it's very, very rare that it ever happens. It's the SEC, the SECCG and playoff that makes our SOS what it is every year. The real stat for me is the number of weeks we've played all those top 25 teams as the #1 team in the nation and won.
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