| FTBL So, who else is cooking?



Well, I got the spare ribs for what I THOUGHT would be a BAMA/Clemson mini-party but as it turns out the Whack Coast liberal NAZIS have quashed my plans. So I guess I'll head out for a while with the family and then come back and fire up the grill.

I've had the ribs in a rub since last night and I have some tee-bones and am planning on grilling some veggies as well. Probably bake some potatoes to go with it all.

Anyone else cooking today before kickoff?
I've had a boston butt on the smoker since 0730 this morning. It should be done around 6pm or whenever that internal temp. reaches 196 degrees. I've got a special southern Georgia style BBQ sauce(hot w/ a little sweet) to go on top of the slaw which goes on top of the pulled pork. It will be so wonderful that I don't think I'll even bother with sides! :) Roll Tide and Viva la BBQ!!!
I'm all American today...ordered food.

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