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Bones82 said:
I heard on the radio yesterday that the coach's picked 9 teams to go to bowl games. Bama was not one of them. :shock:

well thats just kinda silly is'nt it?? :roll:

especially with 9 starters returning on offense.

Especially considering we got into a bowl game last year, in such a bad season - including a loss to Ms St., how could we not get back into a bowl game.

Factor in our favorable (mostly) schedule and we'll be there.
All it takes is a non-losing season to go to a Bowl. Right? This will be Coach Saban's 12th season as a collegiate HC. He has NEVER had a losing one, and I don't think he is going to start now.
Choosing your own team to go to a bowl game is like giving yourself a nickname--its not really cool. Let others predict how well WE are gonna do...and we'll exceed their expectations. We all believe in Saban and know that he will produce...Dont sweat it.
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