| FTBL SEC Coaches Pre-Season All-SEC Team Announced...

Porterhouse said:
reger60 said:
If I'm the third-best punter in the conference, I'm PISSED!

They should have given the slot to DJ Hall, at least then he would have been only slightly screwed.

yeah, are you freakin' kidding me? dj hall nowhere on any of those lists???? ;thdo
A lot of these positions will be proven wrong by some 'Bama palyers this year. I bet this will have a lot more of our players in higher positions by the end of this year (unless there just that ignorant).
Yeah I'll be the first to mention the "What the frick's"?

1) Andre Smith not on first team.

2) No JPW at all? Chris Nickson, are you serious? Arrrright.

3) DJ Hall and Keith Brown not even on the list?

SEC coaches are starting to hate on us now too. :roll:
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