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The Resident College Football Expert Week 5 – Rant On!

The Resident College Football Expert isn’t going to talk about week four of the college football season this week. He wants to talk “Bama Bo’s Player of the Week.” Your Expert doesn’t read “Bama Bo’s Player of the Week” but this week the article was brought to him by a mother. Three-fourths of it is inaccurate, it’s fiction. Obviously, whoever writes that article doesn’t have an intern and has never had an intern! Your Expert hopes though, that one day, the writer of that article has an intern and someone calls him fat or a Lou Holtz lover! Here’s all that intern did, he wrote an article. He’s not a professional writer and he doesn’t deserve to be kicked when he’s down. You want to come after somebody, come after your Expert, he’s a MAN, he’s 40 (or 32, whatever), but don’t pick on the intern. You wanna say he’s a Corso wannabe or a Lou Holtz lover? THAT AIN’T TRUE! That article was garbage and the admin that let it be posted is garbage! You people are supposed to be mature adults here and they’re not, who’s the intern here? Are you kidding your Expert? That’s all he’s got to say, makes him want to PUKE!

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