| TV/MOVIES/MUSIC RAP: Rhythm and Poetry. BRAVE II is dropping Friday. I'm telling you folks...gonna turn heads.

Holy CRAP, @TerryP

Tom, ya boi Adam Calhoun and Dax have dropped a BANGER

Damn. There's a lot to digest in this one...I'm working backwards through the lyrics with Dax...Adam is a little bland by first impression. WTF is up with Tom? I hate using the term "spitin,'" but dude. Is he tryin' to give a nod to BT&H?

The reaction from Dax at :34 is probably real.

Callin' out Marshall. Almost catching a east coast / west coast vibe.

How did Nova convince Dax to wear that? Or Adam?
September 8.

This is a little fucked up...the last time I think I've watched an album drop date was A Momentary Lapse of Reason in '87.
Dax is really good.

I didn't know much about him but I started seeing his stitches of Joker on FB/Insta reels.

Before I knew who he was, I was taken aback by his video Dear God. Now that I've watched it again a couple times, I get it's message much clearer now.

Funny that as I opened YouTube to pull up a Dax video, THIS shows up in my feed ⤵️


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