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Meyer should not be #3... yet. I think the last year has flushed out his recruiting tactics, and if more people start catching on, his and Florida's recruting will start to taper off some. He's also had the advantage that FSU and Miami has been in a "down" period, so he's gotten most of the top talent in Florida uncontested lately. It won't be that way forever. Thenwe will see what kind of coach he is over the next 3 or 4 seasons.
I love the bit on Tommy Tubbs

Tommy Tuberville, Auburn. I'm gonna call Tubs the most underappreciated coach in America. It's true. His Tigers have been one of the top programs in the SEC most of his tenure. The last four years, Auburn has won at least nine games each season. And Tuberville has won at least a share of the SEC West crown five times in 10 years on The Plains. Oh, and I almost forgot: Tubs has won six in a row against Bama and seven of eight overall.

Apparently everyone, including the sports writers see the Barn as irrelevant and obsessed with all things in Tuscaloosa
MDBtrumpet04 said:
I still can't see why Croom isn't getting any respect. I see Miss St. being competitive up there in the running for the West this year.

Ill give you 50 to 1 they dont win the west.
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