| FTBL Quick note on punt returns and the drills the team is under.


Based on Saturday's scrimmage...

One drill the team is going through when fielding punts struck me as interesting.

When the returner is about the catch the ball he is holding another in his strong hand. His responsibility is to throw the ball he is holding up in the air, catch the punt, then catch the ball he threw up in the air.

It's unusual, but I can see the benefits on the concentration level. It's a new approach. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Spurrier's son who used to do drills with his receivers where they caught tennis balls being shot out of a Jugs machine to work on soft hands.

There were some very bright reports from Saturday's scrimmage...and, some dark reports as well.
can people not catch footballs to help them catch footballs..? or are we beyond this simple form of training now..? :) lol

But seriously that punt drill sound like a good idea...
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