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Hey guys, we're happy to be joined by Tommy Wilcox on the TideCast show Tomorrow (Wed.) 2pm. If you've got any questions or comments for Tommy, just post them here and we'll ask them during the interview.

It's a touchy subject, but I'd like to know his impressions on how this staff is more welcoming to our former teams versus the past few staffs we had in place.

Does he feel like he's "more of a part of the family now," than the last decade.

On a lighter note...any suggestions for Rashad on how to hand on the the ball so he as INT's instead of PBU's. :lol:
also ask him how he handles putting up with someone as rowdy as me, i tend to get out of control as many of you may know :D

Ask him his favorite Coach Bryant memory

Ask about the show some if you can, ask about upcoming guests and who has been his favorites :D
Yeah good ole Tommy had some things to say about the rowdy Lance. Whats this about you and Hank sneaking off in the woods around Sweet apple farm with a jug of white lighting? :D
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