| FTBL QB hopes to return Tide to national scene this year.

I think he is the most under-rated QB in the nation. At least he is the most under-rated QB I know of. Hopefully he turns out some Red Zone production this year.
I agree, JPW is underrated, he had a very good year last year and should improve this year. That's okay though, I like playing the "underdog". This is a funny game though, if the ball bounces our way we could be playing for the SEC come December.
I don’t understand all this talk of “returning Bama to national prominence”. When did we ever fall out of national prominence? We played about eight games on national television last year and had we gone undefeated, we would have played for a National Title. That sure as heck is a lot more National Prominence than a place like West Virginia or TCU has. People act like we’ve become SMU or something. There’s a team that will have to string together a few winning seasons to even put themselves in a position to be invited to a BCS bowl. Bama is not in that situation…yet. We just need to start winning again.
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