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The one Alabama memory of my childhood that stands out the most was freezing my butt off one December night at legion field. This of course being the 1992 SEC Championship game. I was in the 2nd grade. I don't remember too much about that game but I do remember one distinct moment of the night. It was as if for just a second the entire stadium fell silent. With me being 8 years old being silent wasn't something I was capable of. I remember looking over at my Dad to ask him what was up. But instead of an answer he and everyone else around me jumped up and started screaming their heads off. It scared the crap out of me. Antonio Langham had just intercepted a Florida pass and ran it back late in the 4th. An ugly but powerful Alabama team beat an up and coming Florida team that would soon change the look of the SEC for years to come. We all know what happened next. Alabama would go on to win their 12th National Title against a Miami Team that no one said we could beat. Florida would then go on to wreak havoc on the SEC for years to come.

1992 SEC Championship Game

From 1993 - 1998 Florida would own the SEC. Alabama would start strong though the 90's but as probation hit, Alabama started a slow and steady decline. It seemed like every year we lost more games then the previous.

In 1999 Alabama seemed to be on the rise again. They started out the season strong, but heartbreak would occur when they lose to LA Tech on a last play stunner. Weeks later however Alabama pulls off an upset for the ages. They go into the Swamp and beat a #3 ranked Steve Spurrier Florida team 40 - 39. A team that no one said we could beat.

1999: Rebirth in the Swamp

It seemed like things were looking up for the Tide. They went on the finish the regular season with a vengeance, and set up a rematch with Florida in the SEC Championship Game. They said the first time we beat Florida that year it was a fluke. They said it couldn't happen twice. They said their was no way Alabama could win. Not twice in one year. But it happened, and it happened in a big way. 34 - 7.

1999 SEC Championship Game

Alabama looked like they were on the verge of being "BACK" But instead we would see years of heartbreak and struggle.

In 2005 a Senior Quarterback named Brodie Croyle would lead the tide against another #3 Florida team. A team that no one said we could beat. Once again Alabama would shock the world. And just backhand florida 31 - 3.

2005: Rammer Jammer

Florida would get the best of Alabama in 2006. But it wasn't easy as Alabama held the lead at Halftime.

Now we get to 2008. Alabama is perfect. 12 games 12 victories. Streaks KILLED. Were the #1 team in the nation and were facing a team that once again people say we can't beat. I think Alabama has a history of beating Florida teams that we can't beat. We also have a history of blowing out Florida teams we can't beat. Florida has one of the most explosive offenses in college football. Their no doubt the fastest team in the NCAA. But Alabama comes into the game with a defense unlike any Florida has seen all year. With lines unlike Florida has seen all year. This is one of those games that will go down in Alabama lore. One of those games that will be known for one play. Can you just imagine Eli screaming once more "INTERCEPTED BY ALABAMA!! Rashaad takes it to the 10..the 5.. Touchdown! Touchdown!" Stranger things have happened.

This is a game no one thinks we can win. Were almost 10 point underdogs and were the #1 team in the nation. Everyone thinks Florida is going to walk all over us. But really we got them just where we want them. Alabama is going to show up with their "A" game tomorrow. The Offense is going Roll! And the Defense is going to be unlike we've seen to date. Mark it down, Alabama WILL beat Florida. It's like the statement says "Offense wins games, BUT DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!"


The Tide is climbing up that mountain and are about to retake their seat at the top. DESTINY AWAITS!

HEY GATORS! We're going to beat the Hell out of you!

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