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I don't think the Alabama being looked over holds ANY truth. we are FAR ahead of Penn State in the BCS rankings. winning out is all we need to do.. PERIOD! remember we aren't Auburn :)
2. Alabama gets left out: The Crimson Tide has another second-half swoon Saturday night at Tennessee and needs a field goal at the buzzer to win 17-14. Penn State blows out Ohio State and the voters decide it is time for a change and move the Nittany Lions to No. 2 on Sunday. Penn State wins out. For the second time in five years an undefeated SEC team does not make the big game. SEC commissioner Mike Slive reintroduces his plan for a four-team playoff.

I don't think this would happen, and others in the press have said as much. Here's why.

If PSU whips OSU, that would be the second time that OSU got crushed by a legitimate team, implying that OSU is not a legitimate team itself, thus not a legitimate win. (Sucky situation for PSU) With PSU all but done after that, all their bang will have been banked.

Then Bama wins AT Tennessee. Granted this is not impressive, but voters still have to answer for and SEC being undefeated. While #2 PSU is done, #3 Bama must beat the Top Ten defending National Champion in Baton Rouge, show that they are a different team in breaking the streak against Auburn, and the either beat pre-season #1 Georgia AGAIN or beat Heisman winner Tebow and the 2006 National Champions in the SEC Championship game. If Florida wins the East, that means that BAMA BEATS BOTH THE TEAMS THAT CRUSHED OSU IN THE LAST TWO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES.

Now that I think about it, bumping Bama back up over PSU is an easy thing to do after the SEC Championship Game.

But first, lets win in Knoxville.
Barnhardt is a UGA homer. He's always looking for ways to discredit Saban and Bama. Yes, I've seen the one-on-one interview, but he's still a Bulldog at heart. What's more, this is a whole lot of rubbish about something that's still in the middle of itself. Bama still has 5 games to play, USC still has, what 10 games to play? I mean they've had two off weeks in the first 6 weeks of the season or something. perhaps the Trojans schedule this way in order to be the last team that voters see before the bowl season? Bama still has to get TO a SECCG, and then has to WIN IT, which I'm not completely sold on from what I've seen the past 10 quarters we've played.

Waaaaayyyy too early to even be thinking of things like this.
ExiledTidefan said:
Waaaaayyyy too early to even be thinking of things like this.

I agree but at the same time it is part of the joys of being a fan.

I don't like to prognosticate myself, but since the media is doing it in lieu of the recently released BCS rankings, it seems only fair for some people to want to react to them even if I am not one of them.

Like someone above me said, first we need to beat UT this weekend. That is really all I care about.
I think Exiled hit the nail on the head. Remember a few years back when Florida had the extra game that helped them. (SECCG) We would be in the same boat if it came down to it. Bottom line is like stated earlier. It is UT week and that is all that needs to be worried about. Nothing else matters b/c when you look down the road is when you get bit on the butt.
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