| FTBL Playcalling that makes you go hmmmmmm???



Boise vs Hawaii

Boise-3rd and 2 from about midfield. You call a halfback pass.

Okay, the halfback pass fails, but why wouldn't you just go for it on forth down if you're willing to call something as nutty as that on 3rd and 2? Boise punts being down by 12 early in the 4th.

That's just kind of wierd.
I tell you at least June Jones showed some class and downed the ball on the one. For 5 years up here I have watch BSU run the score up on teams, if they had it on the one they would have scored up by forty!
Way to go Hawaii! RTR! :D
Coach O going for it on his own side of the field on 4th down up 14-0 when his defense has shut MSU down.

Which, one might argue, may have got him fired.
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