| FTBL Phil Steele vs. the internet: CFB's magazine maven won't ease up


Steele pops off five questions in response: 1. Who is the starting left tackle for UCLA? 2. Three years ago Arizona played Hawaii, what was the final score and the spread? 3. Who was the leading rusher for Boise State last year? 4. Who does Tulsa play in Week 5? 5. What is the best rushing yards per game for Ohio State the last seven seasons?

He asks as a challenge. How long does it take to look up the answers on the internet vs. his magazine? Post-interview, 247Sports dived in. The final results may surprise you: Internet, 5:52 | Magazine, 3:20

“It’s still a quicker, easier reference than the internet,” Steele told 247Sports. “That’s the advantage we have.”

Filled with quirky abbreviations and sometimes tough-to-read type (small font, smaller margins), Steele’s magazine is distinct. It’s managed to emerge the last 25 years in what is a crowded preseason preview market. Look up during the college football doldrums of late June and early July, and you’ll find aggregation blurbs of Steele’s predictions and Twitter edits from college football programs celebrating Steele’s preseason all-conference nominees.

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