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Has anyone attended these? Anyone attending this weekend or future weekends? Thoughts?

Dad, Twin, and I are gonna go eat lunch with CNS at the Nick at Noon Banquet this Friday! w00t!


Nick @ Noon Event Details Include:

*Nick @ Noon will take place on the following Fridays: August 31st, September 14th, September 21st, October 5th, October 19th, November 2nd, and November 16th.

*Nick @ Noon luncheons will take place from 12 noon till 1 p.m. at Indian Hills Country Club in Tuscaloosa. The October 5th luncheon will take place at a location to be determined.

*The Nick @ Noon luncheons will feature a lunch buffet, up-to-date information about the weekend's events, and an address by Coach Saban.

*The Nick @ Noon luncheons are $50 per person per luncheon. Because seating is limited to 250, there will be a limit of two tickets per person.

*Nick @ Noon luncheons are hosted by the Crimson Tide Foundation and
are not open to the general public or media.
That is awesome. Please tell us what he says. I have been real worried lately that our crazier fans are going to scare him away if we don't win out this year. I hope he is still upbeat. We can't do any better than Nick Saban.
Pictures will come later, but here's what went down.

We walked in and were immediately met with a handshake from Joe Kines. They served a nice buffet lunch with chicken, roast beef, and other good food. After sitting for awhile, Joe Kines came and started speaking and basically killing time.

Joe Kines is one of the funniest guys I've heard speak. He had the whole crowd rollin' with laughter while we were waiting for CNS to get there. He honored all the veterans that were attending and that was really cool. Then any old players that were in attendance stood up and introduced themselves.

Then Coach came in and gave a little speech. He just basically said the UT game is just like any other game but it helps the players to know that the fans will be fired up for the game. Then he took questions, which luckily noone asked stupid questions.

For a sake of time and my lazyness, here's a quote about the question and answer session.

The first thing he said before the question and answer section was "First off, if your question starts with "why", don't even ask it!" and he went on to explain his reasoning for that. Luckily noone asked stupid questions. Just some good ones, "Whats been your biggest challenge?", "Most improved player on defense?", etc. It was just like the media though, someone would ask him a question and he'd go off and talk about a totally different story. It was interesting. He was pretty light too. He was laughing "Well I didnt really answer your question, but that will do."

If any of you have the chance, I'd recommend attending this luncheon. It was good stuff.

Another tidbit, this luncheon was actually Nick's idea. He really pushed the athletic department to host something like this before home games. I thought it was cool that Coach wanted this to be put in place. Shows he really wants to include the fans on everything. That we are a big "team".
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