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There are probaly some coaches around the Big 12 who are thinking to themselves something like "I know he said that it was only for recrruiting and only until he could hire a permanent guy, but suppose the old fart decides that he's the best man for the job." He knows football and knows what it takes to win.

As UGA showed this year you can still win big with I formation football.
the 70-year-old Osborne, who took over the department after the firing of Steve Pederson last month, passed an NCAA certification test on his first try Wednesday

Certification test by the NCAA? How did that one go?

Q: Two players are accused of recieving money from a booster. The amount suggested is less than 1,000. Should the team be penalized with a loss of scholarships?

Osborns answer: Is the team Alabama?

RollTidePGH said:
I don't know how Paul Johnson from Navy hasn't already been hired, or even really been considered for the job. He seems taylor made for Nebraska.

One of the best posts I read yesterday came from the Navy message board. They were talking about how RichRod’s name has been kicked around in regards to Michigan and Nebraska, but Paul Johnson…not so much. They started comparing RichRod’s offense to Johnson’s and some guy asked…”Why is it if a QB lines up from the shotgun and runs the option his coach is a genius, but if the QB starts the play under center, people say that offense won’t work at a bigger school?”

Anyway, the Navy folks almost act like they want someone to hire Johnson away from them. Almost like they want to prove to everyone else how good they know he is.

As to why he hasn’t been hired away yet, my only guesses are that he either doesn’t interview well or he just likes it at Navy and doesn’t want to leave.
Bo7 said:
RollTideRandy said:

I love it!

OMG what a tool. I wonder what will happen when he sucks will he fire himself.

reger60 said:
Wonder if the old playbook is fossilized? :lol:

LOL I wonder if Frazier has any playing time left that was the only reason they were anygood. As you remember reger hell they never threw the ball cause Tommy couldn't pass for crap! Lol
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