| FTBL My 1st concern Sat. - special teams

BamaDelta said:

You know touchbacks would certainly help. I don't think we've had a touchback since Philip Doyle graduated. Seriously there are teams that consistenly put it in the endzone. We are not one of those teams.

I'll be interested to see if we're able to make some corrections this week. Kickoff coverage this year has been atrocious.

Three things that should make you feel better...

1- Tiffin has shown better leg strength on KO's. Last week was perhaps his best week ever. According to Saban, in practice he kicks them deep on a very regular basis, he just has a little trouble doing it in games for some reason. He looked much better against UGA though.

2- Saban has NOT been happy with the KO coverage units. They have changed personnel early in the year to go from speed to size, then changed schemes a little. This week, they made some more changes. Saban said that he has seen good improvement this week in this area.

3- UK's stats are a bit skewed. They lead the SEC in KO return average, BUT they have only returned the ball 6 times all year for 232 yards... and 100 of those came on 1 return against Western Kentucky.
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