| FTBL Looks like Ferentz might be Michigan's man



Early reports are tying Kirk into Meechigan and not Lester.

Michigan's Scout.com site has an article up on it as well as Michigan's Rivals site. Another article is found HERE

May or may not happen. For Miles' sake it had better fall through or else he finds himself in a world of **** faced with the possibility of staying in Batn Rooge and facing LSU's most loved (former) coach year in, year out.
I don't know if I was punked of not but I know that the Scout and Rivals writers appear to have been. I'm just passing on what appears to be breaking news. I don't get paid for this, like those other guys do. Also, one would think that Rivals or Scout would have the resources to get more solid before putting it on their front pages as an almost done deal.

Kudos to the Iowa people though for being able to pull that off. They seem to have had a lot of people fooled....and scared. :lol:
This speaks volumes about how much Ferentz's stock has dropped in the last couple of seasons. A few years ago, it was speculated that Iowa would have a hard time holding Ferentz out of the NFL and now they are wishing the guy would leave for another job.
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