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Clearly bored and over analyzing..
But with all the Spiller-Davis talk and the empending doom they will bring to our front 7, I checked out the numbers from last season. While impressive as they are, I found some interesting things...

Davis vs.
VT 6 for 9 yards 0 tds
BC 12 for 10 yards 1 td

AU 23 for 72 yards 1 td

Spiller vs.
Furman 9 for -1 yards 0 tds
GT 9 for 2 yards 0 tds
VT 6 for 3 yards 0 tds

AU 8 for 112 yards 1 td

The shocker is Spiller 9 for -1 vs FURMAN? But they both had good days vs Auburn, who has a pretty good run defense. Only thing I can take away from this is get ahead early and maybe T Bowden will abandon the run like he did vs. VT (66 pass attempts) or hope they have an off day... :-/

That is all.
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