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Set restore point to 1993

Commentary by: bamafan4ever (Greg Truelove)

It’s hard to put into words what this season has meant for many Alabama fans across the country. I know there is still the Iron Bowl, SEC Championship game and a bowl game yet to be played but regardless of the results, many fans clad in crimson have not felt this way since 1993. “Felt what way?” you may ask. After all, Alabama did win 12 games in 1994 with its only loss coming at the hands of the Florida Gators in the SEC Championship game. Well, Alabama fans did feel great after that season but the future was not quite as bright with all of the rumblings of the NCAA sniffing around Tuscaloosa due to a sports agent, an amateur athlete who signed a contractual napkin and egos bigger than the program itself on both sides of the agenda. Soon thereafter, the man that Coach Bryant himself would have liked to replace him at Alabama, Gene Stallings, was heading back to his ranch in Paris, Texas.


“Throw out the record books”

Commentary by: Psycojoe (Howard Abrams)

It has probably already started, but I haven’t encountered it yet. From now up until kickoff, there will be countless sports writers, sports talk show hosts, national sports networks talking heads, local sports anchors and various other celebrity types who fancy themselves as college football experts who will mouth these words, or their equivalent: “When Alabama and Auburn play you can throw out the record books.
(I am of course, not talking about our own pundit, The Resident College Football Expert, who is far above all this.) Presumably they mean that upsets are a frequent occurrence in this series, with the downtrodden teams often rising up and smacking a far superior foe. It just hasn’t happened folks.”


Trickle Down Economics and Pigskin Predestination - Special

Commentary by: Big_Fan (Mitchell Carter)

The ringing bell echoes across the schoolyard, alerting students and faculty that it is time for the day to begin. It is the first day of school at Anytown Alabama Elementary School. Gradually the hustle and bustle in the hallway subsides as anxious children make their way into the rooms where they will spend the next nine months.

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