| FTBL j castile speaks out(link)

I hope this is the case. Bored cop, kids out late.
Charges dropped, cops finds something more constructive to do, Simeon is brow beat for being out to late,all's good, the world is a better place.
he def. shouldnt been out at 2 a.m. (i do the same but i aint wearing that crimson & white every saturday) drinking or not, but from what i've heard there wasnt no reason for a disorderly conduct charge and it'll prolly get dropped, but im sure Tim will give him a few kicks in the ass before its all said and done.
RollTideWendielu said:
I'm glad to read this - I was looking this morning and couldn't find anything yet.

Maybe just a cop on a power trip - not to offend any officers, but it does happen sometimes.

More than most would know Ms. Wendielu. :D
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