| FTBL i got some new bookends



well...their autographs anyway.

i went to the mall today to get some last-minute shopping done.

i was walking through the mall when i happened to notice a line of people waiting for something in a place where there were normally no lines or people waiting.

when i got to where i could see what it was, i noticed there were a lot of people with BAMA stuff and having it signed. i recognized one of the two people doing the signing, then, when the other person turned towards me, i noticed who it was.

they were Eric Curry and John Copeland of the '92 National Championship team.

in case you don't know, they were known as the bookends. they were the best two defensive ends in college football at the time. totally dominating in what they did.

they were signing footballs, regular-sized helmets, miniature helmets, pictures, large canvas pictures, jerseys, and anything else fans gave them to sign.

i bought one of the footballs and had both of them sign it. it cost $50.00, but in my opinion it was a steal considering who signed it.

i couldn't believe it. i had no idea there would be former players signing autographs today. i was told that yesterday, friday, Andrew Zow was signing autographs at the same place. i wish i'd known so i could've gotten his autograph as well.
My daughter last saturday got her picture taken with Andrew Zow In the mall in Huntsville. I believe something will come to me for Christmas with Andrews signature. ROLL TIDE !!
I got To meet and talk to George Teague for a few minutes( no one else was in line) Saturday in HSV. He signed a small print of "The Play" for me as well as my 92 NC poster and a book I had of the greatest plays of Bama history.

Hopefully I'll get back in there to get Palmers signature and a few other later this week.
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