| FTBL How loud will Jimbo squeal over Saban’s latest NIL comments?


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I made sure to watch it because I was skeptical they were accurately reporting what he said but in this case they certainly were. Very surprised that he flat out named A&M and said what the heading stated. This tells me that he is concerned about what this is becoming because he knows the Texas schools have deep pockets.

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BIRMINGHAM — Alabama football coach Nick Saban said Wednesday that Texas A&M "bought every player on their team," referring to name, image and likeness deals for the top-ranked 2022 recruiting class.

Saban and Alabama basketball coach Nate Oats spoke at an event promoting the World Games 2022 Birmingham at The Fennec. The World Games begin July 7 at venues in and around the city.

Saban said Alabama didn't offer NIL deals to its recruits.

"We were second in recruiting last year," he said. "A&M was first. A&M bought every player on their team. Made a deal for name, image and likeness. We didn’t buy one player. But I don’t know if we’re going to be able to sustain that in the future because more and more people are doing it."

Saban, who has been vocal about NIL in college athletics, also said 25 players on Alabama's roster last season earned NIL revenue totaling $3 million and did it “the right way.”

"Our guys earned it and no one in our locker room had a problem with that," said Saban.

Saban went on to talk about how NIL is a great concept to allow players to profit, but emphasized concerns about deals being brokered by coaches or boosters.

"Players have always been allowed to work. It's just a different opportunity for them to make money by working," said Saban. "There is nothing wrong with that, and I told my players to get agents, get representation and create opportunities for yourself."

Saban also talked about collectives – entities created to offer or coordinate NIL deals with athletes for specific schools to support those programs.High Tide Traditions, which has no official affiliation with the University of Alabama, was created last month to "create championship level partnerships between business and student-athletes."

Saban said collectives open up the doors for NIL to be a recruiting tool.

"That's not what name, image and likeness was supposed to be – that's what is has become and that is the problem with college athletics right now," Saban said. "My job is to create a platform for our players to create value for themselves and their future by becoming better people, by graduating from school and developing a career on or off the field."

Saban also said former Alabama players have made $1.7 billion in the NFL since 2010.


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My first thought about his comments about A$M and Jackson State....was....
Nick why would you say things
Iike that...so stupid......
Then i realized....
Its Nick Saban and he says things for a reason.......and knows what he is doing...

See where this takes things....
Oh, and Jim$o is mad...and Sanders is mad.... they on the clock now


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I respect the talent that Coach Sanders has been blessed with. But I've never respected him or his antics. And now, it's about his PEOPLE. He played the 'race card' when that was not the name of this game. This affects ALL PEOPLE playing in College Sports due to the NIL (which I have considered as damaging to the entire spectrum of Collegiate sports). Coach Deion, Thou doth protest...



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We that have followed CNS the past 15 years knows when he says something publicly there is a reason. In this case, Prime, already took the bait. Jimbo, will consult with others before he makes a statement. Anyone that even looked at this NIL thing knew it would put the money people and power brokers in a position of control and be used as the prime (pun intended) tool in recruiting. The one that pays the most gets the player. One thing for sure, Jimbo and Prime are going to be made to make comments and answer some uneasy questions. CNS has just made his point very clear about how this NIL will destroy the game if some rules and regulations are not put in place.


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Sanders has been good for Jackson State because he is loud and can bring attention to a program. Love how he talks about HIS people. He'd fly out of there in two seconds if a D-1 school called him up. Has essentially said as much and spoken very highly of himself saying he deserves that chance and was overlooked due to skin color. He's always about himself and keeping himself in the spot light. Yes, he coached the Under Armor/Army All-American games and what not, but he did that to make contacts and to get his first coaching gig. He's always been a selfish guy. He's as dumb as I thought he was if he thinks he can try and get everyone to believe they didn't pay Travis Hunter. Saban has never shown to be a man that speaks on rumors. He doesn't have to. He has his hands in everything and he has sources that aren't hanging on limbs trying to make names for themselves. Hunter breaks over a year long commitment to Florida State on SIGNING DAY, and Deon wants everyone to think he did that for HIS people? Could that have happened, sure. Did it happen for that reason with the way college sports have changed, heck no. It's all about the money, honey.
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